We are very happy to announce that we can offer our tours again, considering the Covid-19 restrictions. We need to inform you that we will be keeping the minimum distance of 1,50 m during the tours at all times and provide that all hygiene rules are being observed. We kindly ask our guests to bring along their own face masks. Source:
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BerlinSideStories Our Mission Concept Berlin

Our Mission


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We tell Berliner Insider Stories. We tell stories of the neighborhoods, of people who live here, their history, culture, art and everyday life. We are true Berliners who offer you that special inside view on the city and our lives. We create unique experiences you won’t get from regular tourist guides.


Don’t call us Tour Guides

We like to provide a special experience that makes you feel part of the city and part of our community. Our tours are private tours which are designed to be interactive so you can bring in your interests, ideas and opinion. We want you to get the feeling like you are discovering the city with a friend rather than just being a passive visitor.

dont call us tourguides BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin
support yout local community BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin


Support your local community

We take you to the local neighborhoods rather than to touristic attractions. Of course history always plays a role, but we like to tell the stories of the city by telling stories of the people and local communities. We show how people changed this city rather than showing only historical monuments. Also we like to take you to local shops, bars and cafes you would not necessarily find on your own.


Size Matters

We believe in small groups to create an intimate and more familiar atmosphere, so every guest will have a personal experience. Like this we can guarantee that we can get to know our guests, hear their perspectives and answer all their questions. We like to shape the tour according to your personal interests and don’t want to give the exact same speech every time. Also most places in Berlin, especially in local neighborhoods don’t appreciate big groups of tourists to invade their spaces so we like to respect that and keep the groups small.

size matters BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin
unfuck tourism BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin


Unfuck tourism

We love to travel and we know that when we are visiting other cities we become tourists ourselves. Yet tourism and booking tourist activities always have this negative overtone. Especially in Berlin we have a kind of love-hate relationship with tourists. A lot of local businesses depend on tourism, simultaneously we suffer from mass tourism overrunning this city.

Tourism is deeply connected to rising rents, lack of living space and higher prices in gastronomy. One of our missions is to „unfuck tourism“, to lead tourists to local Berliner businesses and support them. We stay in small groups and try to make tourism more cultural, social and sustainable, rather than commercial. For a long term we want tourism to become more positive and supportive for local residents.


What comes to Berlin stays in Berlin

We support local Berliner businesses! So we take our guests to places where we introduce a way of alternative shopping. Such as up-cycling projects, sustainable businesses, vegan food places or local „Spätis“. We want tourists to spend their money in local Berlin shops so it actually stays with the people and doesn’t go to big international corporations, agencies or shopping malls. We want to suggest an alternative way of being a visitor in a city and how shopping, eating out and partying can be cultural, social and sustainable.

what comes to berlin stays in berlin BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin
we take you backstage BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin


We take you backstage

One of our main ideas is to give an inside view and personal perspective into the city, it’s citizens, our lifestyles and the local community. This means we give you a unique look behind the scene. Every walk is differently according to our guests wishes and interests. We like to share our personal perspectives and experiences along with our historical knowledge to make the experience more interactive and unique. Every tour you do with us can’t be reproduced, because it was made for YOU.