We are very happy to announce that we can offer our tours again, considering the Covid-19 restrictions. We need to inform you that we will be keeping the minimum distance of 1,50 m during the tours at all times and provide that all hygiene rules are being observed. We kindly ask our guests to bring along their own face masks. Source:
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Understanding Urban Communities and Change: Unveiling Insights through Cultural Consulting

Our cultural consulting concept empowers businesses to navigate urban complexities by delving into the dynamics of cultural urban communities, art scenes, urban development, nighttime economies, sociological perspectives, urban planning concepts, the fight for cultural free spaces, and environmental challenges.


With a focus on cultural immersion, our consulting approach provides invaluable insights into the diverse backgrounds, values, and aspirations of urban communities. By grasping the unique characteristics of these communities, businesses can tailor their strategies and offerings authentically to connect with their target audience.


By leveraging our cultural consulting concept, businesses gain a competitive edge in understanding urban communities, embracing cultural diversity, and driving positive change. Unveil the insights that will propel your business toward urban success. Contact us now to embark on a transformative journey toward understanding urban communities and navigating urban change.


Urban Trend Safaris

We offer specialized customized tour events to dive into Berlins creative industries by visiting creative, sustainable or social projects, Startups, companies or venues. Only on request.




Lifestyle and Fashion (Eco-sustainable fashion, underground urban spaces)

Urban Communities (LGBTQ+, PoC, Awareness)

Culture (Theaters, Clubs, Galleries, cultural free spaces, art installations)

Sustainability (mobility, sustainable Startups, urban gardening projects, sustainable use of urban spaces)

Innovation (innovative projects, new technology, AI, Web3, purpose driven businesses)

Art Scenes

Art scenes have a transformative impact on cities, shaping their identity and dynamics. Our consulting concept provides an in-depth exploration of art scene trends, emerging talents, and cultural movements. By embracing the creative energy of art scenes, businesses can foster innovation, authenticity, and meaningful connections with their audience.

Urban Development

Urban development is a complex process with far-reaching consequences. We analyze patterns in urban development, considering socioeconomic factors, infrastructure projects, and sustainability initiatives. By decoding these dynamics, businesses can identify untapped opportunities, optimize location strategies, and contribute to the sustainable growth of urban communities.

The Nighttime Economy

The nighttime economy is a driving force behind urban life, fueling creativity, entertainment, and economic growth. Our consulting concept examines the intricacies of the nighttime economy, including nightlife trends, cultural events, and urban policies. By harnessing the potential of the nighttime economy, businesses can develop strategies that engage customers and position their brand at the forefront of urban experiences.

Sociological perspectives and environmental challenges

Sociological perspectives and urban planning concepts shape the fabric of cities, influencing social interactions, mobility patterns, and the built environment. Our consulting concept explores these disciplines, providing insights into urban dynamics, community integration, and inclusive design. By embracing sociological perspectives and urban planning concepts, businesses can foster sustainable and harmonious relationships with urban communities.

Environmental challenges play an increasingly crucial role in the urban agenda. Our consulting concept offers insights in environmental sustainability projects, providing strategies to minimize ecological footprints, engage in green initiatives, and contribute to a healthier urban environment.

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