We are very happy to announce that we can offer our tours again, considering the Covid-19 restrictions. We need to inform you that we will be keeping the minimum distance of 1,50 m during the tours at all times and provide that all hygiene rules are being observed. We kindly ask our guests to bring along their own face masks. Source:
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Our Mission


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As true Berliners, we offer a unique and immersive perspective on the city, going beyond the typical tourist experience. Explore neighborhoods, uncover the history and culture, and witness everyday life through the eyes of locals. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene and embrace Berlin’s cosmopolitan lifestyle. With personalized experiences tailored to your interests, we provide an unforgettable journey through the heart and soul of this captivating city.


Don’t call us Tour Guides

Experience Berlin like a local and become part of our vibrant community. Our private tours are interactive and personalized, allowing you to bring your own interests and ideas. Discover the city with a friend, not just as a passive visitor. Join us for an unforgettable, engaging tour that connects you to Berlin on a deeper level.

dont call us tourguides BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin
support yout local community BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin


Support your local community

Discover the authentic side of Berlin with our tours focused on local neighborhoods instead of tourist attractions. While history is important, we believe in sharing the stories of the city through its people and communities. Experience how individuals have shaped Berlin, going beyond historical monuments. Additionally, we’ll take you to hidden gems such as local shops, bars, and cafes that you might not discover on your own. Join us for a unique journey that unveils the true essence of Berlin through its vibrant neighborhoods and local establishments.


Size Matters

Experience Berlin intimately with our small group tours, designed to create a personal and familiar atmosphere. We prioritize getting to know our guests, hearing their perspectives, and addressing their questions. Tailoring the tour to your interests, we aim to provide a unique experience every time, avoiding scripted speeches. Additionally, we respect the local neighborhoods’ preferences by keeping our groups small, as many places in Berlin prefer to avoid large groups of tourists.

size matters BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin
unfuck tourism BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin


Unfuck tourism

We understand the complexities of being tourists ourselves in other cities and acknowledge the love-hate relationship Berlin has with tourism. While local businesses rely on tourism, we also recognize the challenges posed by mass tourism.

Our mission is to “unfuck tourism” by guiding visitors to support local Berliner businesses. We prioritize small groups, aiming to foster cultural, social, and sustainable tourism experiences, moving away from purely commercial endeavors. Our long-term vision is to make tourism a positive force that supports and uplifts local residents, addressing issues such as rising rents, limited living space, and higher prices in the gastronomy industry.

Join us in reshaping tourism in Berlin, creating a more meaningful and beneficial experience for both visitors and the local community.


What comes to Berlin stays in Berlin

Support local Berliner businesses and embrace alternative shopping experiences with us! We take our guests to unique places that promote up-cycling projects, sustainable practices, vegan food options, and local “Spätis” (late-night convenience stores). By encouraging tourists to spend their money in local Berlin shops, we ensure that it directly benefits the community rather than going to big international corporations, agencies, or shopping malls.

We aim to redefine the visitor experience by showcasing how shopping, dining, and nightlife can be cultural, social, and sustainable. Join us in discovering an alternative way to explore the city, where your choices contribute to the local economy and foster a vibrant, authentic Berlin.

what comes to berlin stays in berlin BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin
we take you backstage BerlinSideStories Our Mission Berlin


We take you backstage

Experience Berlin like a local with our personalized tours that offer an inside view and personal perspective of the city, its citizens, lifestyles, and local community. We go beyond the surface, providing a unique behind-the-scenes look. Each walk is tailored to your wishes and interests, ensuring a customized experience.

We love sharing our personal perspectives, along with historical knowledge, to create an interactive and one-of-a-kind experience. Every tour with us is exclusive to you, as it’s crafted specifically for you. Embrace an unforgettable journey that offers an intimate and authentic understanding of Berlin, leaving you with memories that can’t be replicated.