We are very happy to announce that we can offer our tours again, considering the Covid-19 restrictions. We need to inform you that we will be keeping the minimum distance of 1,50 m during the tours at all times and provide that all hygiene rules are being observed. We kindly ask our guests to bring along their own face masks. Source:
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Emiko // Founder

I’m Emiko, original born Berliner and total addict to Berlins art and culture scene. I was born in Berlin the 09th of November 1989 exactly on the day the Berlin Wall fell. So I’m basically just as old as the reunited Berlin and feel very much connected to my Muddastadt 🙂 I grew up in this colorful vibrant city full of life and got to know its neighborhoods, people, cultural life and nightlife secrets. I saw how the districts have been changing over the years. How a constant flow of people left their traces.

I studied Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Sociology and Urban Studies which led me into academic research and seeing urban life changing from a scientific perspective. I also work as a dancer, actress and performer so I’m well connected to Berlins art scene. I’m a local activist and board member of the Berlin Clubcommission and work on supporting Berlins club scene in political matters. I like to combine my personal story of experiencing this city with what I found during my research to give a general overview of Berlins diverse aspects. Such as Berlins cultural life and art scene, its people and neighborhoods, politics, history as well as stories about club culture, protest culture and activism.

Berlin to me is a combination of all those factors, every day you find something new as it is a city in constant flux. I dedicated my work to link all those aspects together and offer an inside view for everyone who is interested in getting to know Berlin from different perspectives.

Traveling, Languages, Art, Culture, Performance Art, Theatre, Film, Acting, Dance, Nightlife, Clubs, Activism, Sub-culture, Music, Politics, Sociology, Literature, Urban Development, Gastronomy, Sports, Fitness, Yoga, Creative industries, Tech, Startups

Deutsch, English, Español, Français


Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Urban Studies, Sociology


Tour Guide, Dancer, Actress, Model, Performer, Trainer, Event manager, Creative Relations Manager, creative concepts & curation

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