We are very happy to announce that we can offer our tours again, considering the Covid-19 restrictions. We need to inform you that we will be keeping the minimum distance of 1,50 m during the tours at all times and provide that all hygiene rules are being observed. We kindly ask our guests to bring along their own face masks. Source:
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Saskia, Guide

Hi! I am Saskia, Berliner by choice for over 15 years. More precisely: I’m a Friedrichshainer and proud of it! Since I’ve arrived here I’ve always loved to share my passion for the city with people from all over the world. Formerly as a couchsurfing host, today as a city guide. I know this city from many different perspectives. I know the real life behind the scenes of some of the oldest and best bars and pubs in Berlin; as a cultural scientist I love to study the history and development of this city; both professionally and as a volunteer I have been in contact with a variety of local social projects; as an actress and entertainer I was and am part of Berlin’s creative scene, and am also at home in the notorious Berlin nightlife.

Just as colorfully mixed and multifaceted as my interests are the tours on which I would like to take you. For me, every tour I give is unique, because through the exchange with the participants, I always gain new perspectives on my city and you will too! because let’s face it, Berlin never gets boring!

Politics, Art, Film, Food, Cocktails, Hiking, Dance, Traveling, Burning man festival, Vanlife, Progressive rock,  Classical music, Techno and Club-Culture, Gender studies, LGBTIQ* scene, Body positivity, Feminism

Deutsch, English


Cultural Studies, Project Management, Acting


Lifestyle Tour Guide, Entrepeneur, Actress, Entertainer, Social Work

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